Mai 2022, Constanta – Romania, Concert with the pianist Nicolae Dumitru, french and roumaian chamber music.

Prize of the DOBROGEA Region of the Union of Romanian Writers, poetry section, for the year 2019, with the bilingual volume “ARTISANII INVIZIBILULUI- ARTISANS of THE INVISIBLE”.


“The awards ceremony of the Dobrogea branch of the Union of Romanian Writers for the years 2019, 2020, 2021 and the prizes of Ex Ponto magazine. The Union of Romanian Writers highlights the elite of contemporary writers, those who have distinguished themselves with books designed to open a complex and renewed look at our time, at the time in which we live. At the same time, the magazine Ex Ponto, the only literary magazine in Constanta published under the auspices of the Union of Romanian Writers, brought together the most prestigious cultural and scientific voices, contributing to the configuration of a cultural identity of the Dobrogea space, emphasizing its uniqueness and values. Ioan N Roman Municipal Library Press Release.

The trophies are signed by artist Eusebio Spânu.


Romanian Writers Union Award, Dobrogea Region Branch:

2019 – poetry: Cristiana Eso, prose: Diana Dobriță Balea, essay: Cătălin Pavel.

2020 – poetry: Iulian Talianu and Mircea Lungu, prose: Andreea Soceanu,

price Omnia – Serban Codrin.

2021 – poetry: Otilia Ardeleanu, prose: Constantin Costache,

prize for his entire work: Nicolae Rotund.



Fabula mirabilis from Artisans of the Invisible

« Ego mundi civis esse cupio


It was much later that the seal of love came to him.
He grew up right in verdant lacy,
with for faith the litany of the sea.
Encouraged by the stars, he wandered through the beauty of fjords and dunes,
in porcelain cities with slender towers,
whose stained-glass windows seduced Phébus,
As many simple beds to accommodate the master Sleep.
Eyes shining, he rested on the sparkle of the wave,
he was beautiful because he calligraphed the miracle of the stars. »




Roumanian traditionnal songs and sacred music – voice and harp ALM’ARTIS.

Romanian and French translations of my poems.